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Product Manager + Designer
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2020 - 2020

Minor redesign concept of Veeva Events Management for Life Sciences.

Redesigning What Is Familiar

The mission of Veeva has been to be the industry cloud for life sciences. With relentless and consistent execution year-over-year, Veeva has become an unstoppable force in the space by providing an impressive suite of software solutions for pharmaceutical R&D and commercialization. I have been fortunate enough to contribute to Veeva's growth over the last five years and be a part of a public benefit corporation that continues to push the industry forward in every way.

I currently work in a Solution Architect capacity leading software implementations for Veeva Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Events Management (EM) verticals for pharmaceutical drug commercialization efforts. I work daily with stakeholders by identifying customer requirements and overarching goals then design and implement solutions to fit their needs.

Customers access the Veeva platform via web browser, iPadOS, iOS, and Windows applications. In my day-to-day experience, I have come to observe common behaviors exhibited by customer field forces when using Veeva applications and recognize areas within Veeva CRM that would benefit from improved UI/UX. All of these enhancements have been communicated to and collaborated on alongside Product Managers at Veeva.

In effort to address these improvements, I embarked on an unsolicited redesign of the Veeva CRM iPadOS application to improve the UI/UX of Veeva EM. Beyond this, I conceptualized Veeva EM for Veeva CRM iOS as this application is currently limited to basic CRM functionality. It is imperative that Veeva continues to extend functionality to iOS development to allow further flexibility for users in our increasingly complex daily lives.

Planning Events

Veeva Events Management (EM) is a tool for managing various types of virtual and in-person events that streamline collaboration and compliance for life sciences. This single solution is integrated with Veeva commercial applications and accessible via web browser or iPadOS Veeva CRM application.

Veeva EM enables pharmaceutical and biotech field users to schedule events, manage participants (speakers, attendees, and team members), associate budgets and expenses to ensure activities are being executed in a compliant manner according to various regions' regulations, e.g. Aggregate Spend for United States. Event execution ultimately depend on company strategic initiatives aiming to position incumbent drugs or emerging drugs on the verge of FDA approval. Companies aim to partner with healthcare professionals to become advocates for their drugs as it pertains to a particular therapeutic area or specialty.

Thousands of field users use Veeva EM around the world to streamline management of these types of events. My experiences working alongside customer stakeholders and field users to date has informed the Veeva CRM iPadOS redesign of Veeva EM that I will walkthrough below which will be followed by the extension concept of Veeva EM with iOS.

Veeva CRM iPadOS Redesign

Maximizing Utility and Accessibility

The idea of maximizing utility for current users was the core guideline of this redesign effort. I boiled down the usability of Veeva EM into a singular verb, to manage. Management is defined as "the process of dealing with or controlling things or people". In doing this, individuals require access to high-level information while having the ability to dig deeper into information as needed to make a decision. The same concept applies to UI/UX design seen below.

First, users are able to visualize the sequential timeline of event statuses which is provided at the top of the screen. This quick visual reference is aided by helpful next steps text right below so tasks can easily prioritized. The current status of the event is shown in dark blue in order to draw the eye while historical statuses are grayed out and future statuses remain white since they are untouched.

Second, users have access to not only EM Event Detail but also related object information all in the same screen accompanied by summary roll-ups of records for quick reference. The components' fields and record summaries provide event owners enough insight to take action by creating or managing Speakers, Attendees, Event Team Members, etc.

Third, related object components deliberately display only two columns of information: Name (of record) and a secondary field. Limiting components to just two fields declutters the UI and subsequently streamlining decision making. Users can easily create new records or dig deeper and edit existing records as needed.


While a redesign may be pertinent and necessary, it is important to maintain some level of familiarity with the existing Veeva EM UI/UX functionality. The action menu and modal windows are structured in the same manner as they exist today. Beyond this, managing Speakers, Attendees, Event Team Members, etc. will maintain the same legacy functionality for now (not shown).

Veeva CRM iOS Concept


Change management for users is always a major component of any redesign so it was imperative in my effort to maintain UI/UX continuity with both iPadOS and iOS applications to maintain familiarity irrespective of the medium. The same components seen in the iPadOS redesign have been reformatted to fit dimensions of iOS.

Linear Alignment

The infinite scroll has become second nature for any smartphone user today. My goal was to exploit this familiarity by unifying all the event and related details in a linear fashion to maintain fluidity and facilitate hierarchical decision making for users. The event name is located in the header with action buttons followed by the highlighted event status and next steps, and event details and related object details come thereafter.


In an ever changing world, particularly in year 2020, there is always a need for change. Whether change is needed in our habitual behavior or simply a software tool that enables work in our day-to-day lives, it is all too important to ignore the need for change.

I have been encouraged during my day-to-day work life to create a better experience for users after having the pleasure to work with stakeholders from many walks of life who have worked at global top 10 pharmaceutical companies and small-medium emerging biotech companies. The user experience of Veeva EM may differ per person, however, the usability of 'managing' events remains the same for all. There are improvements to be made to streamline that process. This was demonstrated by consolidating information into a singular view so users can make high-level decisions at quick reference all the while having the ability to dig a little deeper when needed.

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." This is just the beginning of simplifying Veeva Event Management, and Life Sciences at large with Veeva leading the effort.