Adam John

Advisor + creative

R&B/Hip-Hop artist with flow and flare on the brink of breakout.


Since partnering with Adam John in 2020, we have managed to distribute 10 singles and 1 studio album to all major music streaming platforms and have grown his listenership from 0 to 171,684 streams worldwide. Adam's presence online has grown substantially as a result. I worked with Adam to establish branding across all social media with a consistent handle, @adamjohnthedon, and a personal website, All of his digital content has been curated online by the help of a verified Google Knowledge Panel. Adam's unrelenting desire to create has led to the release of 8 music videos on YouTube, garnering 1,740 subscribers and 449,634 total views. Adam John is currently working on releasing his next studio album, Dynamics, due sometime later this year.

Cover Art

Below is a collection of album and single cover art created for Adam John. Not all music has been released to the public yet.



White background overlaid by black lines create dynamic shapes and signify a change of pace from the last album, Run From Love. The bold title draws focus and is followed by Adam's hand covering half his face as there's still more to uncover about this unique artist.

Run From Love


Maintained simplicity with center focus by overlaying Run From Love and Adam John. Proximity to the image reveals the text hierarchy, causing the viewer to first read Run From Love then Adam John after longer exposure.

Good Form Remix


Simple cover art was created with bold typography overlaid with a color gradient and a black background to make the image pop.

Pace Yourself


Inspired by song title, Pace Yourself, was photoshopped with a character running on a treadmill underpinned with a color gradient.

Get Me


My personal favorite song. Custom typography was added to the main image that was sourced from a colleague.

Cry No More


Cry No More was the first released single.  Custom typography and parental advisory was added to the main licensed image for song distribution.

Left Handed


Inspired by album title, Left Handed was created from a silhouette of a left hand. The finger tips were enlarged, the hand was overlaid with broken glass, and overall image was made symmetrical for visual satisfaction. Album never released.

Left Handed Deluxe


Same artwork as Left Handed with inverted text color and updated gradient background. Album never released.

Landing Page

The following landing page was created for Adam John and is hosted on The site was created with a minimalistic one-stop shop approach in order to put newly released music videos front-and-center and redirect users to the associated artist pages.